Mark M. Rubenstein, M.D., F.A.A.P., Reform Mohel
Phone: 925-932-6650, cell:925-212-9964

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HomeAbout meProcedureB'rit Milah CeremonyHelpful LinksInsurance

To see the ceremony, please click on the "B'rit Milah Ceremony" page.

What To Expect:

I use an injected anaesthetic (Lidocaine). I do not use a restraint board. I will apply the Plastibell (my preferred device) in a room with good light other than where the ceremony will take place; during the ceremony, the foreskin is removed to complete the procedure. This latter takes about 10 or 12 seconds. Please feel free to ask me any and all questions about this.


The infant should be fed and given 1.25ml of Acetaminophen ("Tylenol", by mouth) about 30 minutes before my arrival. 


Virtually no after care is required. However, I will discuss this in detail after the ceremony.