Mark M. Rubenstein, M.D., F.A.A.P., Reform Mohel
Phone: 925-932-6650, cell:925-212-9964

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Long, long overdue... I want to thank you and Yvonne for helping us to put together such a wonderfully lovely Naming Celebration a few weeks ago for Ellie and Gabriel.

The ceremony that you helped us to put forth really was beautiful, and more emotional than we ever expected it to be. Its amazing what happens after all the logistics are put together :) 
I felt terrible that I did not have a chance to say goodbye to you both in person 

We are wishing you and your family a lovely holiday season, we look forward to staying in touch... and we plan to refer you to friends, should they be in need of a Mohel in the future (I hope this is OK?)

Warmest regards,
Debi & Shaughn (Ellie & Gabriel too!)

In December, we used Dr. Mark Rubenstein. He is a mostly- retired pediatrician and he was fantastic. He made the ceremony extremely personal and can tailor it however you would like. Everyone who attended said it was the best bris ceremony they had ever seen. Elizabeth

With complete confidence based on our experience with his work with our two sons, now 6- and 4-years old, we strongly encourage you to contact Dr. Mark Rubenstein, who is a mohel and a pediatrician.
Mark is largely retired from his long, highly-regarded and much-beloved practice in pediatrics, though he keeps his license active as he subs various practices, but he has continued his practice as a mohel.
Mark and his wonderful wife Yvonne came to our home twice and performed the procedure in the context of the ceremony they led but to which we had as much input as we desired; they were pretty much custom-created and, in both cases, were perfect. They bring most of what's necessary and give complete instructions in advance, along with clear understanding of both the physical as well as the spiritual proceedings. As a great bonus, they bring whimsy, charm, humor and love, all of which go a long way toward defusing anxieties about the event.
Even though this procedure was a foregone conclusion in my thinking, it was still difficult to imagine. Mark and Yvonne made them truly meaningful, memorable experiences. To this day, at a soul level I know that this was not a bad experience for our sons but is a life blessing. I have countless reference experiences that confirm that certainty, but one that comes to mind is a dialog I had with our older son one day when he was about 3 and we were showering together. He kept looking at his penis and then at mine (as they both still do) and then he looked up and me and said, 'Daddy will mine ever be like yours?' 'What do you mean, son?' 'Well, I was wondering if mine would stay little like it is or if it would get really big like yours.' At that moment, I said a silent 'Thank you' that this was the only way in which he would have to understand and live with our differences, and I told him to point his finger at the wall. When he did, I put my 3X larger finger next to his, also pointing at the wall. I said, 'It all grows up together, get it?' 'Got it!' 'Good...'
That all felt really right and, I expect, was just an early one of many lessons that are my unique responsibility as the dad to teach our sons about the proper use, care and feeding of their penises. I also will acknowledge that I made a conscious effort to not even imagine being flattered by the way in which my son described our differences.
Mark Rubenstein came to us strongly recommended and we are happy and honored to continue that tradition. He can be reached at:
Blessings on your son(s) 

We used Dr. Mark Rubenstein. He was a peditrian for many years and he is a trained reformed mohel. Our first son was born 2 years ago and Mark and his wife came to our home and performed a beautiful service as well as the circumcision. At that time we were not involved with a synagogue. I highly recommend him. He was gentle and kind and very reassuring. He explained everything to us and allowed us to be as involved as we wished. He even provided us with some sample readings if we wanted to use them for the ceremony. We are expecting another boy and one of the first people we contacted was Mark to see if he would be available again. Lucky for us he will be. My in-laws are not Jewish (my husband converted before we were married) and they live in PA. Mark suggested that they could participate with us even though they weren't here in our home by telephone. We set up our speaker phone in the living room and fedexed the service to them so they could participate. It was wonderful and it was Marks suggestion. I think you can tell we really liked him very much. You can contact him at Visit for more information on Mark or if you would like to do more research try: Good Luck! Please let me know if I can be of further assistance. Adina 

I highly recommend Dr. Mark Rubenstein. He is a pediatrician turned mohel. He does a fantastic job (both literally and with the service). He helps you (and your family) create a service that is meaningful to you.

Mark M. Rubenstein, M.D., FAAP, Reform Mohel 
Dr. Rubenstein takes special care to understand the unique wishes of each of his families so as to design a custom ceremony that reflects the taste of the family. The choices in the b'rit milah ceremony are intended to help make the b'rit milah an especially meaningful experience.